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Ignite My Life

May 10, 2018

Hello friends!

I am Jose Delgado from LuoVita.com and I welcome you to its new podcast show “Ignite Your Life”.

Here, I will guide you to find the purpose of both your personal and professional life.

These podcast episodes will be released on every Tuesday and each month will focus a category that will be announced in the beginning of the episodes.

This is Episode- 1 and today I will discuss on Top 15 Self Development Skills to Develop a Killer Personality.

To begin with, let me introduce myself.

I am 48, from the French part of Switzerland, living with my wife and 2 children.

Me and my team worked hard to launch Luo Vita with a mission to make people realize the true essence of their lives.

We aim to make people find and pursue their passion and explore their potential to succeed in life.

So, in today’s topic I will talk about the skills that can help you to get a killer personality.

By the end of this episode, you will certainly get to know all the tactics that will make your personality much smarter and appealing.


Personality is an extremely unique aspect of human character. It clearly defines us as individuals, giving us a way to express ourselves, in our own distinctive way. Personalities vary from shy to outgoing to composed to restless. Some types are more effective in life than others but every single one adds to who we are and is quite personal.

To be someone in life is to use your personality to your advantage. To accomplish that you need to know exactly how to go about it. The following skills are a must to grow into someone with an unbeatable aura!

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So, in this episode, you have learned about different skills to enhance your personality.

In the next episode, I will discuss few easy steps for self-development.

Thank you very much for tuning into my channel.

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All the best and Good luck!



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