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Ignite My Life

May 10, 2018

Hello my dear friends!

Hope you all are doing great and leading a wonderful life.

I am Jose Delgado from Switzerland, welcoming you to another episode of “Ignite Your Life”.

This is Episode- 3 and today I will focus on How to Develop Daily Discipline in Life.

These podcast episodes will be released on every Tuesday and each month will focus on a category that will be announced in the beginning of the episodes.

As you all know that my team and I have created Luo Vita with an aim to strengthen and empower your both personal and professional life, this month I will emphasize on different topics related to Personal Development.

So, this episode will guide you with few simple disciplines that will make you feel fulfilled, happy and accomplished.


Discipline is an innately powerful quality to have. It is the bridge that separates your sedentary lifestyle from a successful one, a life worth living. When people are disciplined, unexpected avenues of positivity open up before them. But this incredible development doesn’t occur overnight and requires much effort and deliberation to achieve.


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So, in this episode, you have learned how simple everyday disciplines can make changes in your life. These disciplines help you to accomplish your goals and nurture the things that are crucial to you.

In the next episode, I will discuss how to overcome personal development challenges for success.

Thank you very much for tuning to this episode.

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So, till the next time, stay happy!

Take care!



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