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Ignite My Life

May 16, 2018

Hello friends!

I am Jose Delgado from LuoVita.com and I welcome you to another episode of our show “Ignite Your Life”.

This is Episode 5 and today I will discuss about 7 Top Tips for Writing Blogs that Rank on Google Page One.

To begin with, let me brief you about these podcast episodes. One episode will be released every Tuesday and each month will focus on a category that will be announced at the beginning of the episodes.

In the month of May, I talked about different concerns related to Personal development.

This month, we will talk over different aspects of Blogging.

In my previous episodes, I have already discussed about the mission behind creating Luo Vita.

My team and I always believed that both of your personal and professional niches are the key to great blogging. Thus, we aim to assist you to reach the destination called Success.

So, in today’s topic I will mention a few steps that will help you to improve your website’s rank on the first page of Google.

By the end of this episode, you will learn the tactics to attract more audience to the site that will enhance the relative importance of your website.


Writing blogs on one’s topic of interest, be it movies, travel, or cooking has become a common phenomenon in the recent times. However, getting your blogs to rank on page 1 on Google is challenging. There are thousands of blogsites and websites that are competing with yours to get the internet surfer’s attention.

Hence, it is important to write blogs such that they stand out in all possible manner.

These factors will help you to pull the internet surfer’s attention and boost the visibility of your business to your prospective leads.

In the next episode, I will guide how to write impactful blog posts that generate leads, as we all must know that in digital marketing, content is considered to be the king and plays an important role in convincing the visitors to take  a short walk through your website.

Thank you very much for tuning into LuoVita’s Podcast.

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So, till the next episode, stay happy!

Take care!


7 Top Tips for Writing Blogs that Rank on Google Page One


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